5 Reasons to Rent Out Your Flatbed Trailer

Written by Neighbors Trailer

Owners of flatbed trailers, listen up! You may have considered renting out your trailer, but not sure it was a good move. While it may not be smart for everyone, renting your trailer to those who need it for a short time is in many ways a win-win situation.

Perhaps you have a friend or neighbor who has rented out their trailer. You can glean some insight from their experience that will help you make the decision to rent out your own. In this article, we share the highlights of why you should list your trailer for rent.

You no doubt have heard that the trailer rental industry is booming, with no signs of slowing down. This was in part made possible by the pandemic, where people longed to get out and travel, but wanted to do it without having to get on a plane, explore the beauty of national parks and other outdoor attractions, and do it while safely social distancing.

Many new RVers need a flatbed trailer to haul their cars during RV getaways. This has also increased the need for them to rent a trailer.

If you are an owner of a trailer who doesn’t use it on a regular basis and it sits idle for much of the year, then renting out your trailer may be a good idea. Read on.

You’ll Make Some Extra Cash

Who doesn’t love that? If you own your trailer free and clear, you’ll pocket up to $5,000 per month renting out your flatbed trailer. If you’re still making payments on your trailer, you’ll have some help making those payments. If you generate enough interest and get several rentals in a month, you’ll make your full monthly payment and then some!

When you list your trailer for rent, you have the freedom to list it at a price that makes sense for you. This can cover your overall maintenance, insurance premiums, repairs, and upkeep costs. You can also charge a cleaning fee, delivery fee, etc.

This is probably the biggest motivator for owners to rent out their trailer when they’re not using it. Whether you wish to rent it at only certain times of the year, or year-round, it is your choice. You can always black out rental dates for when you need the trailer yourself. You can think of this as passive income – meaning you earn money with very little work.

Avoid Paying for Storage

It’s not just about the cash you’ll generate from rentals, you should also consider other expenses associated with your trailer. For many, this includes storage facility fees. While your trailer is being rented, you obviously don’t have to pay for storage, and that can save you money as well.

Enabling the Purchase of a Flatbed Trailer

You’ve heard of the phrase “try before you buy.” For larger purchases, it just makes good sense for a customer who may be in the market to buy a trailer to rent one first. That way, they can try out different models to find out which is best for them in their situation. Renting out your trailer is a way to rationalize an expensive purchase because as you well know, it’s a big decision.

You, as a flatbed trailer owner, play a significant part in this by offering your trailer for rent. You are helping to boost the overall economy and answering any questions your customer may have if they are thinking of eventually buying their own trailer. In short, you are doing your part!

Let Your Investment Pay for Itself

You put your hard earned money into an investment.  Every investment should have a return.  Most trailer rentals pay off the initial investment after 4 months of rentals.

If your investment is sitting in your back yard or in storage, it’s not benefiting you in any way.  In fact, it may be costing you money.

List Your Flatbed Trailer for Rent with Neighbors Trailer and Enjoy Peace of Mind

So now you have a big decision to make. Given the points above, is renting your trailer a promising option for you?

If the answer is yes, are you ready to get started? We make the process easy for you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that when people rent your trailer through Neighbors Trailer, all transactions are backed by us. Best of all, it is free to list your trailer for rent. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. List your trailer today!

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